550 Paracord Gear

Survival Bracelets

These are the best you will find – cobra-woven with careful attention to detail. Standard bracelets are 5/8" wide and consist of 6 to 9 feet of paracord. Wide bracelets are 1" wide and consist of 12 to 18 feet of paracord. Available in single or dual colors with corresponding side-release buckle in black, coyote or olive drab. Please measure your wrist before ordering (you may want to add 1/2" for comfort - these do not stretch).

00 Bracelets

Key Flails

Key Flails consist of four braided lengths of paracord, terminating in a Monkey's Fist tied around a steel ball bearing at one end, and a 1" stainless split ring for key attachment at the other end. The braid measures about 5/8" in diameter and the loose ends are tied using a round decorative knot. 6" models consist of about 9 feet of paracord. 12" models consist of about 18 feet of paracord. Available in single or dual colors.

Raider Hook™

The Raider Hook™ is a Matt Mann USA original gear item. Available in single color of paracord – 10', 20' or 30' in length.

Raider Hook

Raider Hook Promo

Note: Once unraveled, paracord bracelets cannot be reconstructed to their original sizes. Key Flails can be unraveled and reconstructed to their original sizes, but doing so is tricky and not recommended. Matt Mann USA does not re-assemble bracelets or flails for customers who have unraveled them. Paracord attached to a Raider Hook™ can be untied and re-tied indefinitely with no loss of length.

Paracord Gear
Inner/First Color
Outer/Second Color

Please make your selection from the available patterns and colors below:

Choose a pattern:
• Air Force ABU (desert foliage inner/foliage green outer)
• Army ACU (ACU inner/foliage green outer)
• Boy Scouts (bright red inner/OD green outer)
• Matt Mann USA (coyote brown inner/OD green outer)
• Navy NWU (blue camo inner/black outer)
• Nutnfancy (OD green inner/coyote tan outer)
• Thin Blue Line (electric blue inner/black outer)
• Thin Red Line (bright red inner/black outer)
• USMC Traditional (bright red inner/goldenrod outer)

Choose your own colors:
• ACU (Army Combat Uniform)
• Amazon (light olive, dark olive and black camo)
• Black
• Blue Camo (royal blue, black, white and gray camo)
• Bright Red
• Coyote Brown
• Coyote Tan
• Dark Digital MultiCam
• Desert Foliage (coyote brown and foliage green camo)
• Digital MultiCam
• Electric Blue (royal blue)
• Fall Camo (light brown,  medium brown, dark brown and orange camo)
• Foliage Green
• Goldenrod (dark yellow)
• Hunter Green (spruce-needle green/blue)
• Little Black Pink (hot pink with black criss-cross pattern)
• MultiCam
• M Camo (brown, tan and hunter green camo - matches woodland M-81)
• Neon Orange Camo (neon orange with black pattern)
• OD Green
• Pink Camo (light pink,  medium pink, white, gray and black camo)
• Snowy Forest Camo (white, black and dark gray camo)
• Viper (neon green and black pattern)

USMC Traditional

04 Marine Corps

Air Force ABU

07 Air Force ABU

Thin Blue Line

16 Thin Blue Line

Matt Mann USA

21 Matt Mann USA

Hunter Safety

22 Hunter Safety

Army ACU