External Links to Patriot-Friendly Websites

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Reference Sites

James Rawles - SurvivalBlog

Joe Nobody Books

Michael Badnarik - Constitution Preservation

Nutnfancy - YouTube Channel

The Box O' Truth

USA Carry

Business Sites

Bansner's Ultimate Rifles

Bolt Knobs By Bill

Gundoc / Great West Gunsmithing (580+ Mini-14/30 barrel threading w/ factory front sight)

JP Enterprises Inc. (Recoil Eliminators)

Lake Michigan Armory

Nutnfancy Bigcartel

Pine Ridge Lodge, LLC (Survival and Outdoor Skills Training)

todd@pjfireco.com (Cheap fire extinguishers in Lebanon, PA. E-mail Todd Miller for information.)

Smith Enterprises (Vortex Flash Supressors)

Trident Fitness

Wells Custom Gunmakers

Support local business and buy American products if at all possible! Keep our money in our own country! There's only a global economy if you let there be one!